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The Individua battery system is a unique modular system, which allows flexible packaging and is adaptable to customers‘ requirements and installation space.

Individua 133 – High Capacity Battery System


Modules per stack 8s 4p
Capacity 94 Ah
Nominal voltage 353 V
Maximum voltage 395 V
Minimum voltage 260 V
Discharge capacity (5s) 480 kW
Charging capacity (5s) 400 kW
Internal Fuse 4 x 350 A
Interface CAN 2.0 24 V
Cells per module 12s 1p
Capacity 94 Ah
Energy 4.2 kWh
Technology Li-Ion NCM (nickel-cobalt-manganese)
Nominal voltage 44.2 V
Maximum voltage 49.5 V
Minimum voltage 32.5 V
Discharge power (5s) 15.5 kW
Charging power (5s) 12.7 kW
Discharge current (RMS) 135 A
Charge current (RMS) 50 A
Internal Fuse 380 A
Charging cycles >3000 (>80% initial capacity, @0.5C/1C, SOC 100%, 25°C)
Discharging temperature Ranging from -25° to -50°
Charging temperature Ranging from -10° to -50°

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The light and compact design provides unique flexibility with regards to battery size and is therefore suited for all types of uses.


Maximum efficiency is ensured by the use of high-quality components.


The high-performance battery is capable of fast charging and can be made even more powerful using a water cooler.


Even new, unconventional battery types have been tried-and-tested in practice, and are already successfully used in a range of settings.


The long battery life is ensured by a high-quality cell, which lasts 3000 cycles and 20 years (80% EOL).


The lithium-ion high-performance battery is a true powerhouse and saves between 4.2 kwh to 500+kwh of energy in a voltage range between 45V-750V depending on the usage type.

  • Lightweight package

  • Automotive OEM cell module origins from large scale series production

  • Operating temperature range from -25 up to 50°C

  • Liquid cooling and heating with homogenous  temperature distribution

  • Cycle life > 3000

  • 15 years calendrical lifespan

  • Voltage levels from 45V to 750V

  • IP 6K9K rated aluminum housing

  • Maintenance-free

  • EMI compliant

  • Advanced Automotive algorithms (SoC, SoH & Power prediction)

  • Diagnostic event map

  • ISO26262 ASIL C certified

  • Clear CAN interface for easy connectivity

  • BMS tested according to Automotive Standards

  • Passive cell balancing

  • Voltage, temperature, pressure and humidity monitoring

  • Cell rated < L4 EUCAR Safety level (Mechanical, Thermal and electrical abuse)

  • Multilayer safety on cell (Fuse & OSD) and system level

  • Cell module certified according to UN38.3

  • Emergency stop, emergency input and high voltage interlock

  • Integrated short-circuit monitored precharge sequence

  • Insulation monitor according to ISO6469-3

  • Interchangeable service disconnect with integrated fuse

  • Membrane with bursting disc integrated in housing


Individua 170 – High Capacity Battery System

Individua 170

400 V

Individua 33 – High Capacity Battery System

Individua 33

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Individua 58 – High Capacity Battery System

Individua 58

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